Evogen Cell KEM PR

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Taste: Raspberry Lemonade


Recovery is arguably the most overlooked or misunderstood component of any sports nutrition program. The effect of intense exercise on the body's internal biochemical environment results in one of two scenarios - anabolism or catabolism. Cell KEM PR, "pure recovery", is Evogen's creatine and amino builder acts as your "insurance" to ensure that your body follows the anabolic path of maximum growth, rather than going down the catabolic path of self-destruction.

This upgraded version contains the same 4:1:1 BCAA ratio used in the original Cell KEM, but also contains additional EAAs. To raise the bar even further, NO3T® Creatine Nitrate was also included to maximize strength and bulk.

To balance this revolutionary approach to building and filling your muscles, Sensoril was included to improve post-workout recovery by reducing stress levels. Exercising hard can be stressful, so the faster you can reduce this stress, the faster you can start to recover. Additionally, Sensoril has been shown to help relieve joint stiffness as well, which is imperative to hitting the gym successfully many times a week.


Number of servings 30


Made in a facility that manufactures milk, soy and wheat ingredients.