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Introducing Pro-HD, 100% Whey Isolate, formulated to be one of the purest and best tasting protein powders on the market today, with absolutely zero fillers, additives, amino fillers and of course free of sugar, artificial flavors or colors!

Whey protein isolate is a superior form of protein and is better absorbed by the body compared to concentrates and blends. We use a microfiltration process in manufacturing as well as the finest milk from carefully selected US based dairy farms to provide you with the protein you need to grow and maintain muscle mass.

It helps you eliminate unwanted impurities and excess fats, cholesterols and lactose. Ultimately, the absorption and digestion of Pro-HD improves and gives you the absolute best quality that your body needs. This is further enhanced by the inclusion of DigeSEB® , a unique proven and effective digestive enzyme blend that supports optimal breakdown, digestion and absorption of nutrients, ensuring that our protein and other food sources you consume with Pro-HD are efficiently utilized by your body.

Key benefits of Pro-HD by HD Muscle

  • Obtained directly from American Milk
  • Obtained from grass-fed cows
  • High quality protein powder
  • Added DigeSEB®
  • Nutritional information may vary by flavor.
  • 0.5g fat and 2g carbs with 0g sugar per serving.

What can I expect from Pro-HD?

Pro-HD is the perfect choice to provide your muscles with the protein needed for their growth and maintenance as each serving provides 25g of protein.