Naughty Boy Hydration

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Taste: Citrus Dream


NaughtyBoy® Hydration is powered by MitoReds®.

NaughtyBoy® Hydration is a refreshing, great-tasting sugar-free electrolyte drink with zero calories for during exercise and throughout the day.

NaughtyBoy® Hydration contains over a massive 2400mg of electrolytes per serving to revitalize and hydrate your body with minerals lost through sweat and daily activity. Hydration contains performance-enhancing ingredients creatine monohydrate and taurine to facilitate cell volume formation which may play a role in muscle growth. Creatine and taurine both play an important role in brain health and function.

NaughtyBoy® Hydration is the first product in the world to contain the trademarked ingredient MitoReds®. MitoReds® is a blend of over 30 super reds plus the addition of breakthrough MitoPrime®. MitoPrime® (L-Ergothioneine) is designed to promote a healthy inflammatory response, a healthy immune system and cellular detoxification.