Nutrex Vitadapt

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VITADAPT is an advanced sports multivitamin and performance adaptogen that serious athletes have been asking for. Its all-in-one formula perfectly meets the needs of athletes under high physical demands. Effective amounts of vitamins, minerals and adaptogens protect your body from stress and make you stronger.

Athletes subject their bodies to much higher physical stress than ordinary people and thus have very unique needs. They require a multi that is correctly dosed and delivers all the vitamins and minerals, not only in an optimal ratio but most importantly in a fully absorbable form. If not, your body cannot use them and your product is ineffective.

Vitadapt ensures that there will be no deficient nutrient levels in your body that can ultimately hinder your performance, recovery and muscle development.

Vitadapt is not only a complete sports multivitamin/mineral, but also contains adaptogens such as clinically proven KSM-66. As the name suggests, adaptogens increase the body's ability to adapt to stress. This means improved strength, recovery and optimized muscle function as well as overall vitality.


Number of capsules: 90 pcs