Ax & Sledge Citrullin

249 kr

Citrullin 40 servings

The amino acid citrulline is a popular supplement for health and exercise performance. This amino acid is produced naturally in the body and is also found in supplements and food. This amino acid is produced naturally in the body naturally on its own. However, you can increase your levels by eating certain foods that contain citrulline or by supplements. These higher levels can have beneficial effects on health and exercise performance. Citrulline can also be used to dilate your blood vessels and can play an important role in building muscle. Citrulline helps to increase vasodilation, which dilates arteries or veins.

After citrulline is consumed, some is converted to another amino acid called l-arginine. Arginine is converted into a molecule called nitric oxide which also contributes to the vasodilation of blood vessels.

Although citrulline is not an amino acid used directly to build proteins, it has been shown to increase protein synthesis by stimulating an important pathway for muscle building.

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