Ax & Sledge Farmfed

449 kr

FARM FED Protein 840g

Ax & Sledge Farm Fed, is a 100% plant-based whey protein isolate. Protein is an important part of building and maintaining your muscles, and Ax & Sledge demands that their whey protein is of the highest quality.

Ax & Sledge did not stay there. They wanted to make sure you maximize your protein intake. So they added Digeseb® . A digestive enzyme blend containing two highly active prostheses for even better digestion of proteins. Complementing the body's natural enzyme production with a digestive enzyme blend promotes digestion and the efficient absorption of nutrients.

What you can expect in each serving:

  • 22 g isolated plant-based protein
  • Gluten free (* s'mores is not gluten free)
  • Added with naturally occurring BCAAs
  • Antibiotic free, RBGH free
  • GMO free
  • Naturally flavored
  • Low fat
  • Digesep plus® digestive enzyme blend

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