HD Muscle Crea HD

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Our core range Creatine is a 100% vegan and fermented source of creatine monohydrate, the most clinically studied source of creatine on the market today. We only use Creapure® in our product which is largely known as the gold standard of creatine in today's market for quality, purity and consistency as it contains no impurities or unnecessary by-products.

Creatine has been repeatedly shown to increase muscle power, strength and performance during high-intensity activities and exercise due to its key role it plays in the body's energy production by ensuring high levels of phosphocreatine in the body and ultimately increasing ATP production.

Creatine occurs naturally in the body, but it is often not enough for active individuals. Creatine is also mostly found in and consumed through red meat which is often broken down during preparation and not always a viable option that can meet everyone's dietary needs or requirements making a supplement like ours a premium solution for all athletes and active individuals looking for a smart choices to improve their creatinine intake.