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Evolog - Cheat Meal Gains

There are no shortcuts when it comes to packing on you quality muscles. It is important that you not only exercise hard, but more importantly you eat enough. It can sometimes be a challenge to eat enough high-quality calories, and what makes it an even greater challenge is trying to limit unwanted fat gain in the process. The reality is that carbohydrates are not the enemy and are important in helping to build up the 3D muscle volume effect.

The use of glucose agents in combination with digestive enzymes. These are not only good for cheat meals, but for all meals containing carbohydrates.
This powerful combination not only helps you break down your food more efficiently, but also helps your body absorb more nutrients by positively modulating insulin and blood sugar levels. By doing this, your body is more likely to send carbohydrates to muscles as opposed to adipose tissue. This helps carbohydrates to work for you on a completely different level.

Want to eat more carbohydrates with less worry? Do you want maximum muscle volume after each meal? Evolog will help you to :

  • Glucose optimization
  • Muscle volume
  • Maximum digestion

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