Evogen EVP 3D

499 kr


EVP-3D is perfect for those who still want mental focus but are sensitive to caffeine and stimuli. It is perfect for people who train late at night and need to be able to sleep after training. This helps ensure proper rest to recover and build quality muscle. It is also an excellent solution for those who work hard on stimulants all year round and need to take a break by having their system restored.

ARGININE NITRATE (AS NO3-T®) This high-performance and patented form of arginine is considered a standard for good reason. It delivers hard striking, which requires little conversion to induce rapid nitric oxide release. Evogen uses a HUGE dose of this to give you extreme vasodilation and pumping that you have never experienced before.

CITRULLINE - While many brands still use citrulline malate, Evogen has chosen to use a high dose of pure citrulline due to its superior results. This was not a cheap decision, and the difference in results within this formula is unmatched. Pure citrulline not only helps increase nitric oxide levels but also helps remove exercise-induced toxins and waste products such as ammonia. You actually feel more up to date after a workout because of this, and that is the key to the success of this formulation.

LIONS MANE EXTRACT (AS HERICIUM ERINACEUS) - No pre-workout formula would be complete without using the latest available techniques like Lion's Mane Extract. This is now a staple in advanced formulations due to its potential to increase focus and oxygenation of blood unlike many other classic nootropics on the market.

L- TYROSINE - Tyrosine is a powerful nootropic that helps the other nootropics to support cognitive tasks that require focus.

DIMETHYLAMINOETHANOL (DMAE) - DMAE is involved in a series of reactions that form acetylcholine, a chemical found in the brain and other parts of the body. Acetylcholine helps nerve cells to communicate and has been shown to have a positive effect on focus and attention.

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