Evogen EVP-AQ

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Taste: Unflavored


Extreme results require extreme ingredients with effective doses. So what is the difference with powdered glycerol? There's nothing wrong with glycerol by itself, but to make a powder it's combined with an ingredient called silica, which limits the amount of glycerol you can fit into a product serving. To get the real effects, pure glycerol is clinically proven to create the same results of 10 times the amount found in most powdered glycerol products.

PURE GLYCEROL ( GLYCOSPAN ™ ) - Evogens Glycospan glycerol comes from pure plant sources and is free of silica. At clinical doses, not only can it help induce hyperhydration which causes improved pump (blood volume), but it can also help increase endurance levels. The pump it helps induce is second to none.

S7 ™ NITRIX OXIDE BLEND (GREEN COFFEE BEAN EXTRACT, GREEN TEA EXTRACT, TUMERIC EXTRACT, PART BERRY, BLUEBERRY, BROCCOLI, KALE) - S7 is a low dose blend of seven (7) herbal ingredients clinically proven to increase nitric oxide (NO) by 230%. Your body already produces nitric oxide which acts as a vasodilator, signaling the blood vessels to relax, increasing blood flow. S7 helps an athlete like you by delivering more oxygen, fuel and other essential nutrients to working muscles during exercise by increasing nitric oxide.

BETAINE ANHYDROUS – Betaine is a proven and effective bulking agent when it comes to increasing water and muscle volume. It strengthens the foundation of the EVP-AQ formula, in addition to its synergistic effects with glycerol, it is used in a clinical dose to increase efficacy and your ability to maintain anaerobic capacity. Simply put, it allows you to lift heavier weights for longer.