Evogen Isoject Pure Isolate

749 kr

Ultra-Pure Whey Isolate

When going to every extreme to try to create the most effective whey isolate available, you need to go to equal extremes as you develop the flavor. Evogen Nutrition has done just that. With 100% pure proteins that also taste good and use the latest technology did not exist until now. That's why IsoJect sets the standard for the best taste of 100% whey isolate with only 110-120 calories per serving.

It uses advanced triple whey isolate that undergoes sensitive nanofiltration to preserve the quality of its ultra-pure whey isolate.

The Isoject - Enzyme Technology

IsoJect uses a new method to maximize protein utilization for growth and the utilization of amino acids. These are specifically targeted at leucine, valine, isoleucine and glutamine. This formula ensures maximum release and absorption of these important amino acids for fast effects.

One of the biggest problems with athletes is the demand for higher protein diets to help in their growing need for recovery. Often, their protein needs can exceed the amount of enzymes that their own body creates. The result is that even if their protein intake increases, more amino acids from their intake of protein supplements may not be completely absorbed, leading to bloating, etc. This is where IGNITOR 'enzyme technology can significantly increase the efficiency of your protein powder.

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