Innovapharm Recover EAA

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Taste: Pink Lemonade

Recover EAA™ has been formulated to address the deficiencies rampant in the amino acid market and provide a formula that not only provides quality doses of ALL NINE essential amino acids, but also gives you enhanced recovery that you will feel and notice from the first serving.
  • 14.4 g EAAs
  • 10g BCAA (2:1:1)
  • Significant doses of lysine and threonine (extremely beneficial for recovery, but often overlooked)
  • Pro-hydrating electrolytes (including pink Himalayan salt)
  • Delicious flavors
  • 0 stimulant
  • 0 artificial colors
  • 0 proprietary blends


Number of servings: 30 pcs


Nutritious Per serving
Potassium 150 mg
Sodium (Pink Himalayan Salt) 100 mg
L-Leucine 5 g
L-Isoleucine 2.5 g
L-Valine 2.5 g
L-Lysine 2 g
L-Threonine 2 g
L-Histidine 100 g
L-Methionine 100 mg
L-Phenylalanine 100 mg
L-Tryptophan 100 mg