Mutant Flex Food

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Taste: Chocolate Brownies


When you're short on time, forget to prepare meals - or if it just happens - be ready with fast, flexible and complete food macros on demand. Designed by real bodybuilding meals for real gains!

  • 46 real food ingredients
  • 25g more complete EAA & BCAA-rich protein
  • 14.5g pure carbohydrates, fibers & good fat macro
  • pH-balancing greens and superfood micronutrients
  • Gut-friendly prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes
  • 100% Keto, gluten-free and vegetarian

This comprehensive shake includes a shopping list of real food ingredients from kale, broccoli, pomegranate, acai and avocado to milk, quinoa, flaxseed and sweet potato!

We obsessively engineered FLEX FOOD with a more complete blend of milk protein concentrate (80% micellar casein), whey (concentrate, hydrolyzate, isolate), fermented pea and sprouted pumpkin seed proteins. FLEX FOOD contains 92% more BCAA and EAA than the collagen-like beef protein isolate that other MRPs use!