Primeval Labs Mega Pre Black

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Mega Pre Black 350g

The original Mega Pre was a revelation for athletes around the world to take before training and did not have to rely on a crazy cocktail of stimulants to be effective or successful.

Mega Pre is powered by a robust combination of vasodilators, vasorelaxants, energy boosters and focus boosters to create a workout that has driven thousands to their best workout ever, but still demanded more.

By breaking down the formula piece by piece, we rebuilt Mega Pre from the ground up to create a workout that delivered everything .... and then a little more!

What is Mega Pre Black?
Mega Pre Black takes the best elements from the original stimulant-free Mega Pre and adds several additional energy and performance enhancers (including 260 mg 40% Dynamine) to create a training experience unlike any other.

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