Ghost SIZE

399 kr
Size takes creatine to a new level by using two forms of creatine where you get a full 10,000 mg at full serving. To supplement this, you also get 4,000 mg of beta-alanine in the form of CarnoSyn® and 400 mg epikatekin. This is a product in the product category Muscle Builder that you should take daily.
  • Two kinds of creatine
  • With creatine HCL from creatine monohydrate
  • High dose beta-alanine from CarnoSyn
  • Provides increased strength, endurance and muscle volume

GHOST SIZE combines well-studied creatine monohydrate with modern creatine HCI to maximize efficiency, solubility and absorption in the body.

GHOST SIZE gives you the full 5g of full-fledged creatine in each scoop combined with 2500 mg of betaine is added to further maximize your creatine uptake.

GHOST SIZE contains one of the most talked about ingredients on the market right now: Epicatechin in a full dose of 200mg. Epicatechin is a highly interesting topic for people who want to challenge themselves physically.

Mix 1 scoop with any amount of cold liquid and consume about 30min before exercise. The product is advantageously combined with Ghost Legend or the other products from GHOSTS assortment.

360g - 30 servings

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