Ghost WHEY

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Ghost has with Whey produced an incredibly good protein. Whey consists of 3 types of whey that have been combined with a mixture of enzymes. Each serving provides 25 g of high quality protein in this creamy recipe.

  • GHOST® complete disclosure label
  • 25G + protein from whey protein isolate
  • F * & #! Ing Delicious
  • Enhanced with enzyme mixture

Everyone today knows that protein plays an important role not only for a healthy diet but also for exercise. It is very important that you meet your daily need for protein when you train to get the maximum effect from the training. This is because protein not only helps maintain muscle mass but also increases it.

When the body absorbs protein, it must first be broken down into individual amino acids and very short protein chains (peptides). The body does this with the help of enzymes. The same applies to the naturally occurring milk sugar found in whey, lactose. Therefore, Ghost has added enzymes whose role is to break down these substances.

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