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  • GHOST LEGEND® pre-workout combines an unbeatable energy and focus formula with powerful pump ingredients to allow you to get legendary workouts and feel like a legend when you need it most. GHOST LEGEND® has flavors developed in collaboration with the incredibly popular and American candy Warheads which guarantees you an amazing taste experience.

    • Nitrosigine®
    • NeuroFactor™
    • Powerful pump
    • Increased focus
    • Increased performance

    Ghost LEGEND® contain no weirdness or hidden mixtures, you know exactly what you get in each bucket! Everything you really need to know about Ghost LEGEND® is that it contains over the double of everything you need in each scoop, compared to other "leading" pre-workout products.

    Ghost LEGEND® contains 400mg pure L-citrulline, which corresponds to the entire 8000mg of the less efficient citrulin malatet you often find in the competition products. Pure L-citrullin may be more expensive but instead gives more pump and no troubled stomach.

    GHOST Legend® contains Nitrosigine® which is a patented complex of bound arginine and silicon that proved to be 5x more efficient than Arginin. GHOST Legend® is one of the first PWO in Europe to use this innovative pump ingredient, and each scoop contains a full 750mg dose.

    Nitrosigine® is scientifically designed to last up to 6 hours! Are you still taking L-Arginin for pump? Think again ... Nitrosigine®'s superior!

    375g - 30 servings.

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